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Growing Leadership through Seminars and Training

Seminars and Training to Develop You and Your Team

It’s time for you and your team to not only get the results you’ve been wanting, but also to grow! Randy Stroman offers half and full-day seminars and workshops designed to provide your team the opportunity to learn and apply leadership and relationship techniques that ignite transformational change within your team.

Randy’s seminars are focused on teaching, while his workshops offer both teaching and hands-on interactive exercises, powerfully delivered for life-changing results.

  • Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

    Your most valuable lessons are gained from your losses. This seminar offers more than just a how-to manual for getting through difficult times; it offers the most valuable gift of all: Hope.

  • Becoming a Person of Influence

    Leadership is influence. Whether you are a CEO, or an entry level employee, the influence you cultivate will impact people long after you are gone. Learn to influence the lives of others in a positive way.

  • Put Your Dreams to the Test

    What’s the difference between a dreamer and someone who achieves a dream? The answer lies in answering 10 powerful, yet straightforward questions. Don’t leave your dream to chance. Learn how your dreams can mean the difference between failure and success.

  • Leadership Gold

    Smart leaders learn from their own mistakes…Smarter one learn from the success and failures of others. Gaining leadership insight is a lot like mining for gold. This seminar pushes the dirt aside and reveals true nuggets of leadership gold.

  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

    One thing stands between you and success. It isn’t experience and it isn’t talent. It is the ability to connect with others. By following these six principles of connecting, anyone can learn to be an effective communicator.

  • REAL Leadership

    Success is not a destination…it is a process.  Successful leaders attract other successful leaders through an intentional strategy of building on strengths, minimizing weaknesses, and focusing on the points that matter most.  Gain a strategy for adding value through relationships, equipping others for teamwork, molding the attitude of your team and leading others from success to significance.

  • 15 Laws of Personal Growth

    The best way to raise your organization’s leadership lid is to raise the personal effectiveness of your employees. This seminar guides you through 15 Laws of Personal Growth that help you become a lifelong learner whose potential keeps increasing and never gets used up.

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Develop Skills for True Growth

Through our specialized training and seminars, you will develop the skills to push through perceived barriers and walls and build upon opportunities.

We cover these areas and more:

Grow Influence
Reaching Goals
Team Building

Get Your Copy of Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn.