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Personal Development Through Coaching

Some of Our Excellent Results:

His presentations were creative and illustrated the company objectives accurately.

Carol McGovernDirector of Operations - Canada at Primo Water Corporation

Randy was great to work with . . . . he has a good rapport and motivates others to achieve.

Brent YardisSoftware Development Team Lead at Aderant

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Why Choose Randy Stroman? Potential clients often ask, “Why should I hire a coach?” The best reply is: “If you were a surgeon, would you try performing surgery on yourself?”

Even the most gifted surgeon would never attempt self-surgery. But this is the approach that many people take when they face leadership and relationship challenges in their professional and personal lives. In reality, they are often too involved to look at the problem objectively, much less come up with a solution. In some cases, they even play a role in the problem.

It you are ready to take action, now is the time!

As a Certified Coach with the John Maxwell Team, Randy Stroman helps his clients identify roadblocks that prevent them from reaching the highest level of success. With the support of his sensitive and down-to-earth approach, clients discover and utilize their inner strengths as he guides them through a progression of discovery, goal setting and sustained growth.

As your coach, Randy will:

  • Be completely focused on you
  • Listen to you, not just hear your words
  • Hold you accountable for your unique goals and aspirations
  • Be intensely curious about who you are today and who you intend to be
  • Be more committed to your success than you are
  • Hold your growth and success as his only objective
  • Help you break free of self-limiting patterns that have sabotaged your success in the past

Do not spend any additional time in self-diagnosis. You have too much to gain to make that mistake. Contact us for more information, call 1-214-387-9802 or email us at